Make the best memories and meals in the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchens in Oundle

Flo & Co decided to establish a brand focus on providing creative solutions to typical design challenges, aiming to deliver a smooth and enjoyable customer experience. Our selection of bespoke kitchens in Oundle includes a variety of options, ranging from unique and compact layouts to luxurious and unique spaces. We guarantee that we have the right solutions to enhance your living environment and make you feel comfortable in your own space.

Customised Designs

Our huge range of cabinetry, worktops and all finer details allows us to create a personalised design to suit any space and budget.

What we offer?


To ensure a seamless experience in selecting interior design options for your kitchen, we provide a variety of services in Oundle as part of our process.

Available services include a consultation, where you will meet with your own designer and receive top-notch design advice tailored to your kitchen needs.

Our kitchen showrooms in Oundle will showcase a variety of options in terms of style, colour, and layout. Following that, there will be a design presentation to review your ideas. After you have decided on the design, it is now time to take the final measurements and place your order.

Our team will handle the coordination of the project and carry out a final measurement. We will consult with seasoned architects for our kitchen designs in Oundle to ensure that all tasks are completed to a high level of quality. The last step involves setting up and installing the kitchen. We provide options for both purchasing and installation or just purchasing.

We are committed to bringing your Oundle kitchen design to life, ensuring that it exudes a polished appearance.

Are you located in Oundle and looking to enhance the design of your kitchen? Visit our showroom today.

Our projects

Why choose us?

We are a unique firm that provides high-quality services in Oundle. We have a deep understanding of kitchen requirements and preferences. Our kitchens are crafted from top-quality, eco-friendly materials that are both visually appealing and durable, as we prioritise excellence and pay close attention to every detail. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their specific needs, likes, and tastes. This enables us to create a kitchen that goes beyond their expectations.

Kitchen for Mr M, Chatteris

Kitchen with cupboard
Kitchen with oven
Kitchen sink
Kitchen oven
Kitchen tray to keep food

Brands we work with

Our reviews

Our main focus is ensuring your complete satisfaction. Below are reviews from our customers. Feel free to share your feedback with us.

Hattie Stamp

We’ve had an amazing experience with Flo and Co from start to finish. A very professional company and we are loving our new kitchen and something that we wouldn’t have chosen without their inspiration and expertise. Highly recommended.

Jonathan Doughty

We used for a new kitchen as part of a ground floor renovation and the end product was exactly what we wanted. Really innovative design based on a not straightforward space, good consultation / service throughout the build and quick issue resolution with a few supply chain issues with appliances at the end. Would recommend

Owen Doherty

Delighted with every aspect of our new kitchen project. The professionalism and expertise have ensured each stage of the process has been a success. Couldn’t have asked for a better service.


Looking for advice?

Have questions about our kitchen designs in Bourne and how they work? Browse our FAQs or contact us. We’ll be happy to assist and get you one step closer to installing the kitchen of your dreams.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to make immediate decisions on the colour and final touches of my design?

You can take your time before committing to any permanent choices. After we settle on the layout, we can experiment with different colours and smaller details.

What is the duration of the design process for kitchens in Oundle?

Our goal is to provide you with preliminary designs within a week. We will then engage in a collaborative process to refine the design before sending you a cost estimate for the project.

How do I choose the right colour scheme for my kitchen?

Take into account the size of the kitchen, natural light, and personal preferences to select a colour palette that suits the space. If you can’t decide, don’t worry; our designers are on hand to provide expert advice whenever you need it.

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