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Custom-Fit Kitchens in Uppingham

Based in Stamford, Flo & Co offers kitchen interior design services for Uppingham and the surrounding areas. Founded by design experts wanting to provide cutting-edge fixes for typical kitchen design issues, while giving customers a flawless experience, Flo & Co is your one-stop-shop for a bespoke kitchen. We’re involved in every step of the process, from the first design consultation to the final meeting, keeping you up to date along the way.

With a focus on quality and attention to detail, all Flo & Co kitchens are beautiful and functional, as well as being built to last from high-quality sustainable materials. After all, your kitchen is the beating heart of your home, so it should work for you.

Quartz Grey Kitchen- a luxury design
Henna Red Kitchen- Lugano Lack

Bespoke Kitchen Designs to Suit You

Here at Flo & Co, our business is building dreamy kitchens in and around Uppingham. We offer a huge range of cabinetry, worktops and all finer details — which allows us to create you a personalised design for your kitchens that will suit any space and budget.

If you’re located in Uppingham and you’re on the hunt for a custom-made kitchen, make sure you browse our selection of built-to-last German cabinetry. We offer various finishes, complimented by natural wood and contemporary stone, with shaker or slab doors on your cabinets.

Every kitchen at Flo & Co is designed individually, for you and your home.

    Brands We Work With

    Flo & Co is a trusted partner for interior designers, architects and developers alike. Check out all the brands we work with below!

    Why choose us?

    We understand the needs and desires of a kitchen. Our kitchens are made from premium, sustainable materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting, thanks to our focus on quality and meticulous attention to detail.

    We collaborate closely with our customers, taking the time to learn about their unique requirements, preferences, and tastes. This allows us to design a kitchen that surpasses expectations.

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    Free Design Consultations in Uppingham

    We offer a free design service at Flo & Co, which is no-obligation and includes a consultation at our showroom to see your choices in style, colours and layouts. The initial consultation lasts around an hour and goes over what you need from your space and how you use your kitchen, plus any extra requirements (for example, a small or oddly-shaped kitchen). You’ll also be appointed a designer at your initial consultation, who will go on to be your point of contact for the entire process.

    Quartz Grey Kitchen- a luxury design

    The Flo & Co Design Process

    Typically, the first choice you’ll make will be between a traditional kitchen or a more contemporary design, as these are ideal (and very different) jumping off points. We focus on what you want and the style you’re trying to achieve at this point — with sketching, scribbling and conceptualising being done to create a sort of kitchen mood board.

    Then we arrange a home survey where we take measurements and photographs.

    Next, you come back to the showroom so we can present you your new kitchen design. This is where we discuss the placements and what you do or don’t like about the design, as well as a more detailed look at the materials and colour palette. This stage can take a bit of back and forth, but it’s worth it to make sure everything is perfect for you before we include your quote.

    Following on from your initial kitchen design consultation and home survey, we aim to get initial designs over to you within just seven days. Once everything is priced up and you have your quote, we move onto the stage of ordering your bespoke kitchen.

    Are you in Uppingham and need a design lift for your kitchen? Book your consultation now.

    Graphite Kitchen



    A tasteful handle-less kitchen featuring our Titan ‘Mother of Pearl’ frontals with black illuminated profiles and Dekton ‘Laurent’ Worktops.
    What we created for Mrs S, The Maltings

    Kitchen for -
    Mrs S, The Maltings

    Kitchen Of Mrs S, The Maltings
    We’ve had an amazing experience with Flo and Co from start to finish. A very professional company and we are loving our new kitchen and something that we wouldn’t have chosen without their inspiration and expertise. Highly recommended.


    How to gather ideas for a new kitchen design

    Image-based social media apps like Pinterest and Instagram are great visual platforms for inspiration and cataloguing ideas for your own redesigned space. On our end, it’s also helpful to see images and ideas you like, as it gives us a better understanding of your aesthetic end goal.

    It’s important at this stage to remember how exactly you use your kitchen, so your bespoke kitchen design can fit your lifestyle. We want to make your kitchen work for you, so consider things like whether you’re left or right-handed (and how this would affect placements) and your preferred cooking style. Do you require a robust, heat and stain resistant countertop — or are you after more of a minimalist style?

    designed kitchen table

    Our promise

    Our kitchen designers are passionate about the little things that finish a room, such design and detail. Every kitchen is designed with precision to guarantee that it feels as good as it looks!
    We believe personal relationships create personal designs. Your designer will be with you from initial consultation to the final handover! Meaning you only have one port of call.
    Our German cabinetry is built bespoke to your specifications and is made to last! Paired with our passion for beautiful yet functional design, this guarantees an individual space and a perfect fit every time.
    With years of industry experience, our highly qualified installation crew guarantees a job well done. When combined with our exceptional service, we consistently deliver, giving you the assurance that your kitchen will be the best in Uppingham!

    Concept to Completion

    Let us get to know you!

    Allowing us into your house gives us the opportunity to learn about your unique needs and way of life, which helps us produce a beautiful yet useful environment for you. From the first meeting to the last handover and beyond, you will be supported by the members of our team that have been allocated to you. Our goal is to make the process of selecting a kitchen simple for you.
    Kitchens in Uppingham

    Have you checked our services?

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    Silestone Kitchen – Ethereal Haz
    Copper Oxide KItchen 2- Metal
    Oak Sepia Kitchen 3- Legno

    Our reviews

    Our priority is your satisfaction; here are some valued testimonials from our clients. We would love to hear about your experience.
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    Gemma Bradley-Shaw

    Flo & Co took my creative brief and designed a range of beautiful and timeless kitchens across various different price points. Their professionalism, product quality, passion for flawless design and attention to detail are just a few of the reasons I will continue to use their service and recommend them to more of my interior design clients.

    James Robinson

    The people at Flo & Co are just awesome, if your unsure or don’t know where to get started just pop-in to the show-room, they’ll walk you through start to finish so incredibly kind.

    Jonathan Doughty

    We used for a new kitchen as part of a ground floor renovation and the end product was exactly what we wanted. Really innovative design based on a not straightforward space, good consultation / service throughout the build and quick issue resolution with a few supply chain issues with appliances at the end. Would recommend

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